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Locker Gear Size Chart

The Locker Gear concept was born in Spain from the necessity of being true to how men feel and express themselves. How we interact without having to talk, letting the brand express how and what we feel. Each collection is based on pure instinct and the raw pleasure of wearing Locker Gear garments.

Locker Gear Size Chart

Underwear and Shorts

Size Waist Size (inches) Waist Size (cm)
S 30–31 75–80
M 32–33 80–85
L 34–35 85–90
XL 36–37 90–95
XXL 38–39 95–100
3XL 40–41 100–105

T-Shirts, Tank Tops and Harnesses

Size Chest Size (inches) Chest Size (cm)
S 35–37 89–94
M 37–39 94–99
L 39–41 99–104
XL 41–43 104–109
XXL 43–45 109–114
3XL 45–47 114–119

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