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Maskulo Sizing Chart

Maskulo makes a lot of efforts to create clothes that increase the sex-appeal of the one who wears them. Any person is attractive by his manly nature, the only thing left to do is to highlight the right spots. That’s why we offer their clothing made with passion and attention to kinky details.

Maskulo Sizing Chart

Underwear and Shorts

Size Waist Size (inches) Waist Size (cm)
2XS 26–27 67–71
XS 28–29 72–76
S 30–31 77–81
M 32–33 82–86
L 34–35 87–91
XL 36–37 92–96
2XL (XXL) 38–39 97–101
3XL 40–41 102–106
4XL 42–43 107–111
5XL 44–46 112–116

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