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Yes! We deliver to Austria.


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In addition to express shipping (DHL, UPS, FedEx), we also offer delivery by local carriers.

DHLUPSFedExƖsterreichische PostDPDGLS

Carrier Approx. Delivery Time Weight Limit Price
Ɩsterreichische Post 2 days 1 kg 6.90 €
2 kg 7.20 €
5 kg 9.00 €
10 kg 12.30 €
DPD 2 days 1 kg 6.40 €
2 kg 6.70 €
5 kg 8.00 €
10 kg 9.60 €
GLS 2 days 30 kg 10.60 €
Shipping costs depend on the destination and weight of ordered goods. The price and expected delivery date will be displayed in the checkout after entering the delivery address.

Useful Information

  • We ship from Prague, Czech Republic.
  • Since the orders are shipped within the EU, there are no customs duties or import taxes.
  • Orders placed on business days until 12:00 are shipped the same day.
  • Find out why buying with us is discreet and safe
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