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Aneros Prelude Enema Bulb Kit

Silicone anal douche with one-way valve

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Silicone anal douche with a one-way valve and slow water flow for faster, more comfortable and easier cleansing. Removable nozzle and bulb with approx. 280 ml volume. Total length 20.8 cm, insertable length 7.5 cm, nozzle diameter 1.1 cm. Detailed description

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Aneros Prelude Enema Bulb Kit

Aneros Prelude Enema Bulb Kit

Silicone anal douche with one-way valve

29.90 €
5 pcs in stock


A new approach to anal cleansing with the option of single or multiple rinses with less water is available with the Prelude anal douche. This is due to the slow flow, one-way valve that prevents the bulb from filling with air or fluid when it is in the rectum. Which makes rinsing easier, faster and more comfortable.

Why an Enema with Less Water?

Cleansing with a larger volume often leads to fluid build-up in the colon, which causes cramping and ultimately prolongs the cleansing process several times over. The slow introduction of fluid allows more control and prevents high pressure and, thus, cramps that set the colon in motion. Most people expect a recreational enema to cleanse the rectum and not the entire lower digestive tract.

How to Use

Lubricate the bottom of the nozzle with a small amount of lube and grab it with one hand by the disc in the centre. Take the filled bulb in your other hand and gently but firmly insert the nozzle into the bulb until you hear a click. Then twist it slightly to seal it. The balloon holds approx. 280 ml, which is enough for one large and up to four small rinses. The concept of using less water is to lubricate any waste and expel it easily. In this way, involuntary contractions of the rectum and colon are not induced. For this technique, start with approximately 90 ml of water (one-third the volume of the bulb). For proper functioning, the nozzle should be inserted in the rectum up to the disc, which also serves as a safety fuse against deep insertion.

Rinse and Repeat

Prelude puts more resistance, and it takes 30–40 seconds to empty the bulb completely. With traditional anal showers, it is one to two seconds. This is normal for slow-flow nozzles. With a small volume of water, you will not feel the internal pressure that you are used to with a larger volume of water. The best indicator of the amount of water used is the size of the balloon squeeze. You can determine this by touching or removing the shower and examining the balloon by sight. Thanks to the one-way valve, you can continue rinsing after removing the shower without drawing air into your body. Alternatively, you can empty the fluid from the rectum and continue with the next rinse. Lubricate the nozzle again when reinserting.

Cleaning the Shower

To remove the nozzle, use your index and middle finger to insert under the disc like a fork and disconnect the nozzle without touching the surfaces that were inside the body. Use liquid soap and warm water to clean, starting with the outer surfaces. To clean the inside, drop a little soap into the balloon, fill it halfway with water, cap the nozzle and shake vigorously. Squeeze the nozzle tip to release the valve and allow the soapy water to flow out, cleaning the inside of the nozzle and valve at the same time. Dry with a cloth and allow to dry completely before storing.

The Prelude anal douche is made of body-safe and flexible silicone. Use it only with water-based lubes. Total length 20.8 cm, usable length 7.5 cm, nozzle diameter 1.1 cm.


EAN 850040572032
Brand Aneros
Colour Red
Experience level (1–10) 😈 5
Material Silicone
Original name Aneros Prelude Enema Bulb Kit
Recommended lubes Water-based
Size – diameter max. (cm) 1.1
Size – length insertable (cm) 7.5
Size – length total (cm) 20.8
Weight (g) 136

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